About Us

To our customers, 


We are passionate about all the products you see in our store. Where there was no store that offered what we offer now, we found a way to create something ourselves, and did! Our store consists of all the latest and hottest products on the market. Our store is online based and is operated in Irvine California. ModernTique first started in 2016 and has been growing rapidly and efficiently. Our goal was to have something people could come look at to find amazing things, find cool gifts, and that has so far been the case. We do not offer just a product, we offer a variety of things essential to each and every one of you. 

Now enough about the company, we are sure you want to know about the people running the show. This store is operated by two young college students looking to bring fulfillment to your lives. If we can share something that we love, hopefully, you can share it with someone that you love. Which is why we take our time to find awesome, unique items that are beneficial to you, your family, and your friends. So as we close off, our main goal is not to just have an awesome store, but to make sure our customers have an awesome shopping experience. If there is any questions, comments or concerns, do not be afraid to Contact Us.


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ModernTique Team