Top 3 Reasons Why You Need This Brilliant 3D Moon Lamp

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Have you ever had the dream of going to the moon or visiting space? Or you could just like pretty things and love to decorate your home with elegance? Bring the Moon to you with this Beautiful 3D Moon Lamp.

This 3D Moon Lamp is a mini replica of one of the prettiest objects seen from Earth, the moon! You will feel lost in your imagination when this is next to you. Imagine feeling free of stress after a long day, and coming home to a beautiful work of art. Once it's on, it's going to be hard to turn off!

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Listed as #1 on Mashable's "15 best items for those who are obsessed with outer space," this gift is an awesome gift for your friends and your family. Keep scrolling and find out why you need this in your home.


1. Depending on your Mood, you can Change the Color of your Lamp

Color Changing Moon Lamp

Candles are a great way to set the mood, but why only have one option when you can have two? Just imagine a romantic ambiance in the pitch dark, with only the vibrant light of this absolutely stunning Moon Lamp. The LED lights swiftly change from a soft yellow to a pearl white at the touch of a finger. 

"I was amazed by how awesome my Moon Lamp turned out. I did not expect it to work the way it did, and as mentioned, it did, in fact, change its color at the touch of a finger. I also love how you can remove the lap from its stand and place it in different areas of the house without the cable."- Customer Testimonial


2. Has a USB Charger so You can Take it Anywhere!

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Hasn't there been a time you buy something you absolutely love but turns out there is an annoying text on the box that mentions "Batteries are not Included?" Well, we found the perfect solution because our 3D Moon Lamp requires No Batteries. 

Included in every box of a 3D Moon Lamp, is a USB Charger that allows you to charge your Lamp anytime, anywhere as long as you have a USB plug with the power to charge. Don't worry, the charge will last as long as the moon shines above us (Minimal charging time).


3. The Perfect Ice Breaker!

USB Charging Moon Lamp

Everyone you show this Moon Lamp to will instantly fall in love with it. This is also a great conversation starter and perfect for a late night at home dinner piece for those romantic home dinners. This would look amazing in any room, and has no specific age, ethnic, or religious audience since it relates to everyone. Who knows, maybe that special someone can be found sooner as the universe's beautiful creation is right at your home. 

"My husband absolutely loves his Moon Lamp. He loved it so much, we decided to buy one for every room of the house, including the office (4 rooms total)."- Customer Testimonial

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