Top 2 Rated Summer Hats of March 2018

A lot of times we go about searching for the best hats to wear over summer and end up worrying about which one to wear. Even though we sometimes like a hat that matches every outfit, we also like hats that are simple to wear every day. That allows us to worry about more important things like our TIME! True right?

So what we did was came up with the Top 2 Rated Summer Hats of March 2018 we found all over the internet, and also included the hats that were most often searched up in the month of March '18. What we noticed was that there were two caps that were exceeding the bar when being searched via Google.

The #1 searched hat was the 'Ye Hat which had tons of searches a week. It could have possibly been because of the issue going on with Kanye wearing the President of the United States slogan on his head, or because he's a great artist. But in fact we don't quite know, all we know was this Kanye West styled cap was having a high number of searches each day! Leading to a high number of orders as well. Interesting right? 

'YE Hat #1 in the Ranks

The #2 most popular searched hat besides the 'YE Hat, was the Washed Cotton "Bad Hair Day" Dad Hat. As summer closes, we all want to look good. So, of course, we want to wear something that covers our face from the hot sun, but also fashionable right? Duh...haha, but yes, obviously. This has to be our favorite overall. With its rugged denim look and precious design, it is no wonder they will be ringing up the ranks to #1 pretty soon. These caps absolutely look stunning and exceptionally great on anyone's head. So what are you picking? Which do you think is #1? 

Washed Cotton "Bad Hair Day" Hat