3 Most Common Signs Your Dog Is Dying

The death of your beloved dog can be a hard part of life that many of us dog owners will one day have to experience. It is important to be aware of the symptoms that your dog might show when they are near their death. By being able to catch these symptoms, you will not only know that their death is near, but this can help you to make your companion go through less pain. 

Here are 3 Most Common Signs Your Dog Is Dying:

1. Disinterest

If you notice that your dog is not as playful anymore or is trying to avoid being around the family, it could be a sign that they are in the beginning stage of their death. However, do not assume that your dog is going to pass away because this can also happen if they are sick. When dogs are in the process of passing away, they tend to go to dark areas and avoid being seen. A big reason to why your dog is showing disinterest is because their brain is slowly beginning to shut down before they pass away. 

2. Loss of Apetite

A dying dog will have a severely suppressed appetite, and by suppressed appetite we mean no appetite for drinking water and no appetite for eating food.If it’s just a slight decrease in food intake that your dog is showing, and an appetite that’s not as large as it used to be when they were younger, this may just be a normal sign of your dog getting older and nature taking its course. A decreased appetite that signals a dog’s near death will almost always be accompanied by visible weight loss.

3. Muscle Loss

Lastly, you will notice your dog losing muscle mass due to the lack of food in their system that causes a decrease in blood glucose levels, and the lack of water in their system that causes dehydration. This will lead to a lack of muscle to mind coordination, which will show when your dog starts to limp or stumble as they walk. It is common for older dogs to get these symptoms, but just be sure to check with your local vet to see what the real issue with your beloved dog is. It is better to be safe than sorry! 

At the end of the day, we all love our companions and will do anything to make sure they are healthy. We must learn to accept that our pets are going to leave us one day, but we should always cherish the great memories we created with them ever since they were puppies to their older days. Never forget how much your beloved companion meant to you. As a courtesy to those of you experiencing this hardship, we decided to offer a special necklace that you can wear or give to someone that is going through the loss of their dog. The "FOREVER IN MY HEART" NECKLACE can be worn to always remember how much your pet meant to you and how you will always carry those great memories in your heart. We hope that you stay strong and keep your head up because the last thing your dog would want is to see their owner sad.